Lesotho National Commitee                                                

Lesotho National Committee on Wednesday gave a fool report of their journey from Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the challenges they faced and how they affected some of Team Lesotho Players.

According to Letsatsi Ntsibolane, the Rio 2016 games provided the best possible environment or peak performances. Athletes enjoyed world class facilities, including a superb village, all located in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, in compact layout for maximum convenience.

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TOMORROW FLAMES                                         

One day to go before Moshoeshoe ll is set aflame. At the same time it will be a small heaven where all the goodies will be tasted.

Once more, eyes are glued to Finite Wo-men Appreciation Awards. Tickets are selling at a faster rate now that the event is almost at a ticking time.

Both women and men are contestants in the awards meant expose those who are empowering women folks in their work. It remains to be seen who would be the first men to work home with this appreciation pride.

That be, come one come all. Dress formal and arrive at or before 12:00

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5Damario and Fabrick are up for the big game come Saturday. Afro Jazz masters, Khotso Thahane and Tumelo Mokotjo will as well mesmerize our audience.

The said offences will be committed alongside the annual 5th Finite Wo-men Appreciation Awards @ Victoria Hall Moshoeshoe 2. As you read this, tickets are still being grabbed like hot cakes.

For the first time, most gender focused gentlemen in their deliberations will go back home holding appreciation awards. Some of the women categories are entertainment; beauty, elegance and confidence; media and philanthropy, religion and community building.

Thato Mochone, ex Ultimate FM presenter, will battle for philanthropy, religion and community building with two others. Puseletso

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The world over is concerned of challenges facing sisters and girls. But this Friday focus was on those from Lesotho via a living example.

Princess Senate Gabasheane Masupha told young ladies and men of her experience with legal battles; traditional norms and public perceptions in regard to her firm believe that she may be a princess, but she should be treated is would if she were a prince.

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Thuso etlatsoa kae center

They are young, beautiful, innovative and ambitious. Some of this youngsters were bred from not so well to do families.

A living example is Taoana Lerole. There could be no Moeling Community Radio station was it not of his creative mind. It is through his mind that there is one and only radio station in Botha-Bothe.

Our fellow is a primary school drop-out. Around five years back, he was a radio set repairer. He put together pieces of radio sets as the first move.

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Young and ambitiously innovative, sisters and brothers want to brand their names in the media. Be it a television or radio personality, celebrity featured in advertising projects or any other, they want to maximize their potential.

Bam Foundation in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy Maseru hosted yet another Young Leaders Forum of the young achievers in media at the State Library American corner. The forum was mainly to discuss about the young people who are making it in the media and share about their challenges and how they overcome them.

Lesotho Young Leaders Forum is a local version of U.S. President Obama’s program, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders. 

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The world is a small place whereby everyone wants to make it big. Question is how does one get there? what makes a good mentor?

discuss it with us by dropping your comment 


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The Alliance Française and Morija Museum will host the third in the lecture series Speak up 4 Lesotho this Friday. The theme this month is “Strategic Convergence between Business, NGOs and Government”.

 The presenters for the lecture this Friday will be:

- Lehlohonolo Chefa, Lesotho Consumer Advocacy Group 

- Sofonea Shale, Development for Peace Education

- Ntsane Lepholisa, Secretary to the Minister of Development Planning

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Now in its 7th year, the Rising Stars Careers Expo has been inspiring young people in South Africa, specifically high learners,matriculants, tertiary students & unemployed graduates to realize their fullest potential over the years. This one-day event will give students and unemployed graduates in Bloemfontein,Durban & Port Elizabeth an opportunity to meet their desired employer and find out more about careers that interest them, internships, mentorships, recruitment offerings in various industries.
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Mathapelo Api, also recognized as Tipzy, is one elegant and classy young woman of 23. Keeping that unique and fabulous look is her goal, and now she explains her love and passion for African attire fashion.  You meet her on the street, school or mall and you see that real definition of an African lady, rocking her doek “tuku” or that cute hairstyle.

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Thabo Brian Motṧoane is the new kid on the block. He is popularly known from his debut track titled “Bo mme le bo ntate” released in December 2014.

Bomme le bontate hit maker is signed under the famous S jizzlebeats. So far Jiro has managed to release two tracks namely “walk up to” featuring Kopano and “no time” also featuring Dirty and Kopano. A recent release is “I’m going in” produced by S.jizzile.

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As part of Achiever Magazine’s digital re-branding, the magazine has unveiled its new blog making it a first for BAM Media and Achiever Magazine. http://Bloggers.achievermagazine.co.ls/  will feature immersive storytelling and actionable tips from the fashion and beauty industry. With its informative, crisp and stylistic content, Edutainment, contributing pieces, celebrity gossip are features sure to keep you entertained and #trending. The blog is both desktop and mobile-friendly.

Comments are highly appreciated,

Achiever Team 

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The social networking sites turn out to be the major part of civilization, its influence is rapidly taking over the internet world like flash. People share their deepest feelings,it is a great podium to keep in touch with family members, friends and loved ones. It is a modern way to meet new people in the web.

It is easier to make friends and meet new people on social networks, one can communicate with more people with lowest prices, look at application like watsapp, you communicate with as many people as possible with low prices, thank you to social networking. Social networking sites are products of technological advancements.

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PeerpressurePeer pressure is an influence that a peer group or an individual exerts that encourages others to change their attitudes, values, or behaviors to conform to those of the influencing group or individual. Peer pressure can be positive or negative, but in most cases we hear of the negative peer pressure more especially on teens

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ADDICT PICDrug addiction is a complex illness. The path to drug addiction begins with the act of taking drugs. Over time, a person’s ability to choose not to take drugs is compromised. This in large part is a result of the effects of prolonged drug use on brain functioning, and thus on behavior. Addiction, therefore, is characterized by compulsive, drug craving, seeking, and use that persist even in the face of negative consequenes.

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YRSEarlier last week reviewed newest local hip-hop boy group “Young Rebellious Stoners” commonly abbreviated as YRS. The group is composed of TsepangMohale aka Gabi The Greatest , Thebe Nkhasi aka Young Lion and TefoChakela also known as Stevie Joe. They have nothing but good reputation and most expect nothing but success from them in the future.

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Young MosesLebohangLibaba, better known by his stage name, Young Moses, is known as one of the artists leading the local music industry.Relax invited him to share a little about being an artist and a music producer.

Young Moses has been in the music industry number of years. He explained that growing up,he was influenced by hisfriends;his group of friends grew up listening to hip-hop music. He is signed with his own record label, Smart One’s Own It Productions. Young Moses was made popular by his track ‘Wonder women’, in which he featured his business partner,Guffy.

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Pearl LawrenceA 21 year old Pearl Lawrence from Teyateyaneng also known by her stage name “Pearlucci”released her single track What you talking ‘bout onValentine’s Day.

In an interview with Relax Pearlucci said that the idea behind the track is about assuring love towards partners and not involving the third party. “This is a song of love, the song is simply about a partner who doubts the love of his/her partner’s so the reply is what are you talking about I love you and appreciate you so much”. She added.

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NapoJason Lithoko(22) is a young and talented dancer and pop artist from Thauthe. He studied at IEMS and then proceeded to further his studies at Amity University.

Napo recently revealed to Relax that he developed an interest in music in 2005 and metlabel record AllPossibilities (AP) in 2007.In 2010, he attended an Econet event sponsored by ThusoMotaungand they shared a stage.

The talented star furtherexplained that in 2011, heattended yet another Econet event, Big Life, hosted by Miracle Jeff. In 2013, Naposaid he attended Vodacom Superstars and was announced topsix but failed to make it to the finals.

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DollamanHlompho Nkoale popularly known by his stage Dollaman is a well-known artist hip hop artist reside from Sea Point will be releasing a single called Vamvoom soon.A 27 year oldmusician is currently a Design student at Limkokwing University of technology.

Dollaman startedhis music in 2005, in 2013 releasedsingle track called Ha ke o ts’oara. In 2015 he resealed another single track Nonews while in 2016 working hard to drop his latest single Vomvoom.

“The song is not officially released but I have already performing it at my shows and when I was in Lady Brand Pokeng club with my team and the turn was great”. Said Nkoale.

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By Twin talk

What is business?

Do you love children?  Are you interested in making extra money? Lesotho is definitely in need of this service-especially for the young mothers who are not particularly interested in having a live-in nanny, or for some caring children.

What can you sell?

  • Looking after children –if the parents are not available to babysit
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There are many different types of 419 scams. Criminals send an SMS, email, fax or letter that usually claims that they need your help to access a large sum of money. A common trick is that they say you’ve won a large amount of money and they need your bank account details. Others say that an ‘overpayment has been made to you, and ask you for a ‘refund’. Whenever you get any message of this sort, beware! Delete it immediately and do not respond.

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babysitters 2There comes a point and time to finally accept that it is time to get rid of being terrified to take a risk in life. It is not as easy as making a pastry of course; but one way or the other, this is a fundamental aspect of life in general and it definitely has to happen.

Whether we are born with fears or learn them is the subject of an ongoing debate with psychologists; and most experts will agree, however, that our fears limit how successful we could be in our relationships and careers.

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By Makhojane Motumi, Bokang Tilo and Katleho Mohanoe

7.From left to right, Reitumetse Phooko, Molulela Monyake and Kananelo PhakisiMASERU – BAM Group Foundation (BGF), in a joint venture with the United States Embassy Lesotho, held yet another free mentorship briefing session in which three inspired and inspirational young women empowered the youth with their philosophies and moving tales of success at the State Library last Thursday.

Three resourceful young women reinforced youth’s capacities and capabilities of being successful in their lives with words of wisdom and inspiration. Their fashion sense and austere elegance unmistakably revealed that some of them were models.

The prime purpose of the forum was to empower, motivate and give confidence to the youth so that they could believe in themselves and be victorious in life. The youth were encouraged to be confident, love what they do and not let any circumstance discourage them.

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shack uctA group of students at the University of Cape Town have erected a shack on campus in a protest over access to residences.

“This is the new res #Shackville for Black students who are #HomelessAtUCT‚” said #AllOppressionsFall @IAmAFallist‚ sharing photos of the green shack with its own portable toilet.

“It is necessary‚ as part of the project to disrupt the architectural tone of the university. #Shackville‚” the Rhodes Must Fall movement said on Twitter.

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Ntsane LepholisaBackground

Born and bred in Tsikoane village, inside the Leribe district, Lepholisa is a 25 year old first born from a family of five siblings. As an open minded entrepreneur who runs an advertising agency that specializes with media issues he became one of the MandelaWashington Fellowship for Young African Leaders last year.

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Nthole Matela  and Moses ThoahlaneThey are neither the first nor the last to be seen on Lesotho Television presenting the Vodacom Superstar (VS) programme but these two young Basotho believe they have been awarded an opportunity to leave a legacy not to be forgotten by the generations to come. Nthole Matela and Moses Thoahlane are the faces behind the 2015 VS presenting with the belief that their passion for radio and television has worked in their favours.

Their two year plan revolves around having a different perception when it comes to the norms yet still being able to resonate with everyone. Being different in their views does not mean one cannot relate to the norms and traditions! Their desire and perseverance in radio and television remains on the top of their list of achieving.  

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Jiji f is no stranger to the spotlight, whenever in the world of rap or TV.


Who is Jiji F?

Jiji F is my stage name and Moji Mokotso is my Birth name.  JiJi was my nick name rowing up. As time went on and my love for music I decided to o with the flow and just continue calling myself Jiji F. I ‘m jiji on stage and when I’m not on stage.

How did you get into the music Industry?

At first I was a poet I think that was back in 2003! With time I resorted into hip hop type of music in 2010. At the time I was still a student at Machabeng College doing International Bachelorette programming me (IB).My interest for hip hop grew stronger again hip hop was the inn thing so I wanted to give it a short and see where it take me, dropped out to pursue my music career.

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Fifi CooperMotswako rapper Refilwe "Fifi Cooper" Mooketsi is accused of snatching another woman's bae and allegedly doing "funny things" with him in her car outside a Sandton nightclub late last year.

Khumo Motlapi of Soweto alleged that the Motswako first lady took her man Ntuthuko "KeyboyTuks" Zungu, who plays keyboard for songstress Xoli "Xoli M" Mazibuko.

A fuming Motlapi told Sunday World that she confronted Zungu about the alleged affair with Fifi Cooper last year but Zungu denied knowing the popular rapper.

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357 employees have taken the youth radio station to the Directorate of Dispute Prevention and Resolution (DDPR) for allegedly failing to pay them since April last year when it was launched.

According to the presenters on condition of anonymity, they took the DDPR route last month after the owner, Motlatsi Majara failed to pay them as reed. Further explaining the presenters also mentioned that the DDPR set the date for the hearing to 25th February 2016.

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