New special permit launched

The Ministry of Public works and transport yesterday launched new special permit.

Public Works and Transport Minister Lehlohonolo Moramotse said that the Ministry decided to launch the new special permits mainly the old ones seemed to be easily forged in the country. He further stated that as the result of the forged permits majority of the citizens in the country owned fake permits and made it difficult for individuals to differentiate between the fake and the real permit. Moramotse stated that the fake special permits compromised the ministry from generate good income that hindered them as the ministry from performing other road infrastructure developments projects especially in the remote areas.

Briefing the media Moramotse indicated that the ministry saw it important to come up with the strategy of launching a new special permit. Moramotse clarified that new special permit have special features that would not be easily forged. Demonstrating the new special permit the minister revealed that the permits capture information around model of the car, chasses number, engine number, and plate number, year of the car and the name of the car while the old ones only had a chassis and engine number.

“Ladies and gentleman the new permits will almost be impossible to be forgeries that we promise. This will make police man’s work much easy”, said the Minister.

Furthermore Moramotse stated that the new permits will be applied with the same current amount of the old permits until father notice.


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