Phori scoops three titles in a competition


Have you ever been in a situation where everyone is eager to win, with their weapons gathered and ready to be pumped up, where people will only be satisfied if they can emerge from the scenario as victorious?

In the selection of Mr. and Miss Easter 2018 which was presented by Tear Drop, Realeboha Phori found himself in this kind of situation as he was competing for seven tittles, Mr. Personality, Mr. Creativity, Mr. Popularity and 1st and 2nd prince of Mr. Easter which was the main tittle.

In this competition, a first year student at Lesotho College of Education scooped 3 titles, Mr. Creativity, Mr. Popularity and Mr. Easter against three other guys. During an exclusive interview with Achiever Magazine, Phori mentioned that this was a moment of triumph for him, it felt like a dream because it was his first time to wear so many sashes in one day.

“My happiness is unexplainable. The competition was very tough as the guys were so prepared and for me to manage to keep my head above the water like that was and still is unbelievable to me,” said Phori.

The king who managed to be Mr. Popularity 3 times on different occasions went on to say that he couldn’t have made it if it was not for the support he got from the audience as they were screaming on top of their lungs when it was his turn to walk the stage. He further mentioned that he is on the mission of canceling the mentality that male modeling is only for gays.

“Through modeling, men are bettered, they are being molded to become good leaders today and in future. Their confidence is uplifted and I don’t think there is anything diminishing our manhood in all those,” stated an 18 year male model from Ha-Thetsane.

On this big event that was staged at Ha-Pita on Saturday, 14 girls were competing for 8 tittles. The queen tittle was taken by Rethabile Masenkane, 1st Princess and Miss Creativity were grabbed by Naleli Kitleli while Limpho Mota became a 2nd Princess.

Limpho Hantsi became a Top Model, Lile Mothibeli Miss Confident, Mantina Miss Popularity and Karabelo Mapesela got Miss Personality tittle.


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