Black party bigger and better

Agent of House Music will burn Cuban Linx down of 27th April this year as they celebrate the black party event which is aimed at passionately connecting people together to come and enjoy high quality music and atmospheric presentations from across all genres. When an individual includes the likes of Macs Tshepza Dj, Agent K, Mekonko and Da Starr as part of the occurrence literally means business; no doubt they are familiar with live everyday like it is your last.

“The whole concept inspired by the desire to collectively groove and share the love for good music beyond the mainstream”, said one of the organizers Moeketsi Mphuthi who is mostly known as Agent K.

This themed strictly “black” event which first started as Black Tie in 2013 nevertheless, changed to concept to black party last year will be graced with China Salemane all the way from Johannesburg.

Outlining the difference between this year’s event and those from the previous years, Agent K said,

“As much as we are still using the same venue this year, the music selection has extended beyond just house music, this year we have a broad range of musical genres to be heard at the Black Party, from Funk, Disco, Neo Soul and Hip Hop.”

Agent K also put forward the happening is called Black Party the reason being, the thing about concept is black and also because black signifies the type of music people will get hear at this annual occasion which is expected to be successful like the previous one.

“It is music that you hardly hear in clubs around the country yet so good and fulfilling. This goes across all music genres; Soul, Funk, Disco and House Music”, he voiced.

Concluding the interview Agent K told people to expect a musical bliss and a lot of blackness.

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