SSAA bigger and better

After the realization that there is so much talent in the South yet not appreciated, the South Side Artist Appreciation (SSAA) came to a conclusion of hosting South Side awards for only the said place artists with the main maneuver of promoting and putting them on the spot.

“In the south we do not have many radio stations where artists can uphold themselves through, and it is not easy to penetrate in this industry, for this reason, the only platform we can lend a hand is by hosting this awards”, said the founders of the SSAA Katiso  Moalosi and Ts’epo Shale.

Moalosi is also of the view that once an artist scoops an award, it put them on a map thereby increasing their popularity. Moreover, attractiveness increases listenership to their songs in that way allowing them to grow career wise.

Asked what differentiates this years’ awards from those of last year, Moalosi and Shale said thus:

“This year we have Solo promotions and Bamboo sounds as our hands in glove, we are also planning to give the winners not only the trophy but something that is going to contribute to their development as artists and we have also replaced the category of most downloaded with most on air-voted.”

Concluding this talk, they appealed to everybody, specifically businessman and women from South side to support them in any way they can.

On the other hand, the Award winner of the SSAA 2017 Hip-Hop song of the year Pross, put forth that the award changed his life positively in as far as music in concerned.

“It has done many things of which grateful for, nonetheless, it has increased my popularity and had also changed the way I view things. Right now I have more spirit for my music because I know it pays”, he said.

Adding on that he uttered that the award inspired him to do good music for his fans.

“It is actually a wake-up call that I should do better that I am already doing.”

Meanwhile Mad boy who came second in the category of the most downloaded song expressed his happiness for the amazing initiative that the SSSAA is doing for them as the South artists. He then publicized that this year he is still in the race and he is sure to take one trophy home with the preparations he is doing.

“Right now I am doing a radio tour advertising myself and hopefully this all energy will not go in vain”, he voiced.

The SSAA are expected to be countrywide one day!

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