Miss Butha-Buthe coming in spring

She has the mission of providing tools which will help women to be their personal best and boost their confidence for she is of the believe that self-confidence is the key to standing up in any situation that people encounter in life. Working towards this aim’s implementation, therefore, Nthakoana Ramone plans to “burn” Crocodile Inn hotel down on September 1st through Miss Butha-Buthe 2018.

“I believe pageantry have a huge purpose in today’s society. It is an easy way to gain confidence, meet new people and gain friendships and also learn new public speaking skills”, she made known.

The 22 year old model who has been in this industry for five years went on to add that they have a huge impact in women.

“I solely want to let young women from “Likila” to at least have the taste of all that; especially because winners will be given an opportunity to compete at the National level thereby granting them all the experience to reach out the world”, Ramone publicized.

Asked on requirements to be part of this competition, the second year student of Public Administration at Lesotho Institute of Public Administration and management (LIPAM) said the contestant odd to be between ages 14 and 24, must be unmarried and also be “virtuous” and “amateur”

“Above all should always be available for promotions.”

This occurrence which is said to be sponsored by Tj Group of Companies, Lizzy Make-up salon, Ladies and Beauty salon, Sassy swimsuit, Dasbal clothing to mention but a few is will have Skaftin and the MC, Lilaphalapha doing what he does best. Dasbal and Bapala word swore to outdo themselves entertaining the revelers!

The prizes of this event which is planned to happen annually are expected to be crowns, sashes, scepters, cash and participants certificates.

“Only ladies from Butha-Buthe are allowed”, she concluded!

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