Lesotho Post bank goes in marriage with Mukuru

As a way of assisting Basotho working in South Africa send money to their loved ones easier, Mukuru Africa and Lesotho Post Bank have entered in a partnership to ensure the smooth operation of this. This was revealed earlier today at the press conference held at Lesotho Post Bank offices.

According to the Managing Director Lesotho Post Bank Molefi Leqhaoe by right, it is important for Lesotho citizens to send money home so that the economy of the country can grow.

“It took a very long time to figure out how they can send money without any charges but todays we say here is the gift Lesotho Post Bank gives you. Send money then and enjoy”, he said.

Leqhaoe continued to add that they checked all the means regarding the safety of the money when send and they are sure that the money is indeed safe.

He then concluded by expressing his happiness regarding this partnership with them and Mukuru.

Meanwhile the Head of Marketing at Mukuru Nthabiseng Makgtho said she is looking forward to the fruitful journey that they are starting today.

“We are really happy to be in this partnership with the Lesotho Post Bank and we want to create the great partnership that will be continue to be useful to Basotho! I promise you that we have each other’s backs”, she assured.

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