NCCP Discussed

As a way of making it easier for them to disseminate the new National Climate Change Policy (NCCP) to the nation Ministry of Energy and Metrology with Metrology department held a one day workshop for journalists earlier at Avani Lesotho.

It is in this workshop that the director LMS, Mathabo Mahahabisa revealed that the new policy was formed out of Basotho’s views through surveys that were conducted, therefore it is important that they be given the information back.

“We realized that Climate Change affects many factors, that is why we came up with this policy as a way of lending a hand to the society on how they can conduct themselves”, she disclosed.

Adding that they also gathered if they do not come up with this policy then the condition that took place in 2015/16 of heavy drought and heavy rains last year will repeat itself and maybe even worse.

This is the first NCCP in Lesotho and it contains 22 policy statements. Moreover, the policy is said to be already operating.

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