Juveniles receive music classes

Today the Juvenile Training Centre (JTC) celebrated the closing ceremony of the music course that was held by IYF for the law offenders the past two weeks.

Expressing his thanks, Head JTC Senior Superintendent Raphuthing said they are privileged for such a good deed IYF has done for the inmates. Adding that they have a dream of making this school, school of Excellency and this very action in the first step towards their vision.

“This school should change for the better and it is through such activities that we can be that”, he uttered.

“We again realized that music is one of their passion considering the enthusiasm that they had as they practiced, we are therefore going to request that music be part of their curriculum”, he said.

Conveying their heartfelt gratitude the juveniles said thus,

“We firstly would like to thanks the management of JTC for such an opportunity they have given us, then the IYF for their time. They did not teach us music only but Mindset as well; which entails patience, self-acceptance, cooperating with others as we need each other for the development of our lives. We also thank everyone for their support through this course.”

They then promised to be better citizens of the country once they are out!

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