“… giving heals. Receiving heals”

An act of good deed off late does not only surprise people but also leaves them wondering what the latter would want in return. “Nothing is for free” so many preach; especially now that the world is turning into a cruel place where everyone is waiting helplessly for their fate.

Mpho Moremoholo on the other hand, seems to be coming from the ancient times where sharing is caring was the motto. This is testified by the act she will be doing on Friday at Sefikeng sa Moshoeshoe of donating to the needy and vulnerable people.

Moremoholo says the whole notion came about after she realized that her comfort emanates from providing for indigents.

“I do not go a week without sharing my meal with street children. People look at me funny, however, it puts a smile on my face to see the appreciation of these children”, she disclosed.

Though this is the first time, she does this in the larger spectrum she made know that this is going to continue on a weekly basis with a change in locations.

“I hope to attract other districts as well; imagine a country that has a rich energy of giving and supporting one other”, said a 22 year old who believes as Basotho we a rich tradition of landing a hand where need be and that it heals to receive and it also heals to give.

She went on to emphasize that this in not for children only but for every destitute and helpless mortals.

“Hence my wish to host an event before the end of this year where I intend to invite masses to come and listen to these peoples’ grievances”, she uttered.

“The basis of this was let us remind people that these disadvantaged people live here with us in the country. They did not choose for that life. We have people born and raised into poverty; a non-ending cycle”, she answered the question which criteria she uses to choose the needy.

She then called upon everyone to also work hand in glove with her in this initiative anyhow possible

“If I go a day without a meal, I am unable to function. If I do not have cloth to put on my body, my errands become to halt. Imagine the person who has to live like this their entire lives”.

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