Lesotho Post Bank partners with UNICEF

The Managing Director of the Lesotho Post Bank Molefi Leqhaoe says children need and deserve love as they grow. He says they are a blessing not a burden.

Leqhaoe said this as the breakfast meeting of the Lesotho Post Bank in collaboration with UNICEF at Avani Lesotho where they were going publicize their partnership with UNICEF regarding the #early moments matter initiative campaign.

“They need time, love and good nutrition from parents; they deserve to be protected. For this reason, as the bank we fully support this initiative and declare that UNICEF has our support and we will create opportunities for them as towards their growth development”, he said.

He went on to plea that we should at all costs reduce and stop abusing children because that can lead to a violent country and bitter future leaders.

#Early Moments Matter is a global campaign launched by UNICEF to promote the importance of the first 1000 days of life for a child’s development.

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