Women MPs trained for Leadership and advocacy

Under the theme leadership, public speaking and advocacy UNFPA held a two days’ workshop for the women parliamentarians which started today at Avani Maseru. The workshop’s objectives include among others strengthening capabilities, enhancing skills on public speaking and the use of media. Finally, to boost participation and impact in parliamentary discussions.

Giving out her opening remarks, the Chairperson of the women’s caucus Hon. Mats’epo Ramakoae said Lesotho is faced with myriad of challenges such as high maternal mortality, unsafe abortions, child marriages, high prevalence of HIV particularly among young people including high prevalence.

“You will agree with me that the issues i have just mentioned require strong leadership and advocacy. The time is now, for all of us to demonstrate that we are indeed executing our mandated functions of representation, law making, oversight and budget allocation”, she said.

She went on to urge her colleagues that when the workshop is done, they should take this as the opportunity to shine through better executing their mandated functions.

Meanwhile, the UNFPA representative to Lesotho Nuhat Ehsan uttered that the meeting is a very critical step in ensuring that women parliamentarians gain confidence they need to articulate issues, address the public and communicate through media Eloquence.

“The crucial role played by women parliamentarians in advancing social development in our country and bringing different, critical perspectives to politics cannot be overemphasized”, she said.

She further said, however, it is often fearful to speak in public and through the media, and when women are not visible in the media, they miss out on the powerful role that media can play in advancing their agenda. As a result she hopes that this workshop will help boost their confidence to speak in public and with the media,

“As you advocate on behalf of other women around important issues affecting your communities such as child marriage, and the rising unemployment” she voiced.

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