The High commissioner of India visits Lesotho

The High Commissioner of India, Ruchira Kamboj with the Indian Association of Lesotho revealed some of the achievements they have reached since its partnership with Lesotho earlier today as Avani Lesotho.

Kamboj said the two countries has so much in common hence the good relationship between them. She cited among others the two countries have gone under colonialism which makes it easy to help one another knowing the situation each country experienced.

‘’Our relationship is formed on a strong bond as we are also share the same sentiments of being humble and with this we hope our relationship go a long way”, she exercised.

She described the Indian Community in Lesotho as impactful as they have contributed to the growth of the Lesotho economy in so many ways; underlining that, the government of India is always willing to help the government of Lesotho in varies perspectives that is needed by the country.

On the other hand, the president of Indian Association in Lesotho, Bisv Abraham koral, confirmed they are determined to work peacefully with Lesotho, where he showed that with most of their businesses being of groceries, they are never times when they are associated with corruption of selling expired food to Basotho.

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