Makhele on caring for 98 children

Mothosele Lekitlane

Taking care of other peoples’ lives by supporting them either financially or spiritually is important in everyday life. But seeing others suffer while you have something to provide or can help is hectic, that is why Limpho Makhele took responsibility to look after needy children.

She is a 35 year old business woman who resides in Mafeteng, the owner and founder of Gift wedding supports. The 10 year old boy’s mother also takes care of 98 vulnerable children. The children, being from different districts of Lesotho are a mixture of double and single orphaned heads.

She says what compelled her to help them was what she saw when she attended a wedding some years back, “as my every day occupation is to decorate at weddings, one day after a wedding I found some kids picking up leftover food which they would later have as their main meal,” Limpho says.

Her next initiative was to go see how they lived.  She believes God wanted to use her as such an encounter was not new to her moist pressing concerns. That is when Limpho decided to help those in need.

She started pursuing this in 2016, supporting 26 children. While the number increases annually, she has been ‘performing very well’. She provides food, clothes and cosmetics using the money she collects from her business.

“In 2016 I supported children from Mafeteng, Berea and Leribe only,” she recalls. She says she consults with principals from schools, asks for numbers of children who need help. Even in cases where there are no orphanages, she supports such children while living with their guardians.

Limpho says her duty is not only to support those 98 children financially, but help in restoring their faith in God as well, as some of them have already ‘lost hope.’ Every child loses hope and faith if they do not live the life they have been modelled to expect, the same thing applies to the children Limpho is taking care of. She notes that some of them even refuse to go to school. This is on the grounds that ‘they are ashamed they are going to meet their friends who live better life than them.”


Because of what she learned from children she is taking care of, Limpho released an album named Re hlola mahala,” last week. The main message of the album is to encourage people to be hopeful and trust in God. “I named it re hlola mahala because every challenge you come across, when you trust in God you win without paying, Jesus has already paid for us,” she further added.

“Being part of Finite Women Appreciation Awards (FWAA) competition gave me strength, and hope. I was further motivated in 2015 when I won 2nd position. I realized that people do recognize me and my efforts and in turn made me feel that it is my responsibility to give back and help society.”

Limpho has been part of FWAA competitions over the years and has received recognition which improved her status and therefore gained a lot of popularity.

Her advice to other women is that they should learn how to give “whenever you have more than one, remember that there is someone out there with nothing,” she explains.

In conclusion she explained that she wants the initiative to grow bigger and better however she mentioned she cannot do it alone and would appreciate contributions from other organizations and individuals.



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