New Fragrance by That Gal Cosmetics

Mo Damane on the pic

This is Mosa Damane, popularly known as MO, She is born and bred in Maseru and describes herself as a fun, loving, chilled God fearing woman. She started selling “That Girl” perfume which she named after her media industry name in 2015. Her inspiration emanated from one of the bestselling cosmetics company worldwide. Her love for cosmetics takes credit for her to have started the business. Currently she has upgraded by coming up with a new fragrance she describes as second female brand under That Gal cosmetics.


Can you take us through the mixtures of the perfume, how is it different from the first one and how long did it take you to finally say this is the fragrance I want?


Esther is made out of orange, grapefruit, gardenia, honey, patchouli and white floral and these are the same ingredients in That Gal Fragrance but we have now added vanilla, Tonka bean, Damascena rose and May rose for a more distinctive powerful scent. That Gal Fragrance is sweet while Esther is bitter-sweet.


When did you start working on coming up with another perfume how long did it take you to finalize everything?


The idea of coming up with another perfume came right after the release of That Gal in 2015. It was on a matter of time, shortly after releasing That Gal perfume, I birthed That Guy perfume. Esther is the second female brand under That Gal Cosmetics and there is still a whole lot more that is coming, it’s a series. The Esther idea came late last year but the execution only happened last month in January. Finding a scent is all in a day’s work. I work closely with a manufacturing company that is based in Johannesburg, where we spend a day coming up with the scent I want.  This is the same company that produces That Gal and That Guy Fragrances. Although I should mention that I do have an interest of working with an international manufacturing company in future, as we grow.


You mentioned earlier on that this time the new range is affordable compared to the first one, what is the reason for that?


Esther will be relatively cheaper to That Gal Fragrance, not because quality will be compromised but because we want to grow the demand. Meaning the first price will be an introductory price and will change with time.




Your brand is growing what is your secret, how do you stay on top of your game?


I will be very honest with you, I started That Gal cosmetics as a 2nd year varsity student and it did well in its first to second year, suffered a lot in its third year because I had to focus on my studies to ensure school is done so I can focus on business. Fast forward I am in the 4th year of business and I am done with my degree meaning now the focus is back and I am ready to give That Gal Cosmetics a 110%.  How I stay on top of my game is by not giving up regardless of how tough or how hard it gets, I will always say, “Giving up is never an option.” Yes, one can take breaks here and there but not to quit.


Surely there are some challenges you encounter in regard to your brand, how do you overcome them?


The biggest challenge I have encountered to date has been distribution across the whole country, the plan has always been to empower other women by having sales reps nation-wide in Lesotho and time being a factor I was not able to accomplish this but the plan to overcome this challenge remains that of having sales reps over taking the product into retail stores but to have women selling the product and making an extra income. My biggest inspiration being Avon and how they market and distribute their products.


We understand there is a launch coming soon, what can people expect to see again is the launch going to be hosted in Lesotho or in South Africa?


The launch for Esther will happen over the Easter weekend in Lesotho at a venue to be confirmed soon and in SA later in the year.


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