The Theater Association of Lesotho through its spoke’s person Relebohile Raboko on Tuesday 6th March cried out that the Creative industry is the most underrated, so much that both the government and the private sector seem not to appreciate, recognize and fully support the projects and initiatives undertaken by the youth in this industry; of which most are attempts to reduce the high rate of crime and unemployment in the country.

The Lesotho Arts and Creative industry seem to be the most undervalued of all the times. Although this industry is well recognized for possessing significant economic potential in countries like the United States of America and India, it is of a contrary kind in Lesotho.  Relebohile who has been in the industry for more than ten years says lack of legislative laws and policies that regulate the industry loses its morality.

He went on to express that financial challenges also hinder the work for most artists, be it musicians, film producers or actors to produce and distribute their projects.  He believes talent is as important as any other profession, for anybody can make a living out of it, thereby rescuing most unemployed youth.  Relebohile who had participated in a number of film projects over the past years says often than not most of them had done the work without any incentives whatsoever.

He pleads to the private sector, the public sector and the nation as a whole to observe the importance of empowering talented youth and also investing in most of their projects that mainly focus on disseminating information to the Nation at large.  Upon conclusion, he indicated that it high is time Lesotho acknowledges the creative industry because it is a sector that is capable to boost competitiveness, productivity, employment and sustainable economic growth especially for a developing country like it is.

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