Mat’seliso Tsubane of Khubetsoana Berea had experienced the most horrific incident on Friday 1st   March evening as she made her way to an all-night prayer at Lekhaloaneng Maseru.  She was heartlessly defenestrated by an unknown man whom she thought was a fellow passenger towards Thabong traffic circle.

She narrated that she had long waited for a taxi at Koporasi between 7pm and 8pm when suddenly a mysterious lady approached and created a short awkward conversation with her.  She says later on the lady who claimed to be taking the same route as Mat’seliso called a friend’s taxi to come pick them up.  In no time the registered taxi (4+1) was right in-front of them with two more passengers, a man and a lady at the back seat.

She went on to explain that they dropped off another passenger at IEMS, she remained with the driver, another gentleman and the lady she rode with.  “The tragedy began immediately after dropping off the lady,” she said.  She was alarmed when the gentleman suddenly snatched her bag and threatened to stab her should she cause any chaos.  Mat’seliso cried out for help from the driver and the other lady who both seemed to care less about the incident.

“I tried to fight him for my bag, but to no avail; the driver directed him to kick me out of the moving car,” Mat’seliso remembered.  She explained that the gentleman then opened the door and pushed her out, but her other leg got stuck by the door.  As the taxi raced off, her body was hanging and her face scratching the road.  After a few minutes she was left lying helplessly in the middle of the road as passersby remarked that she was a drunkard.

The matter has been taken to the Thamae Police station; however, Mat’seliso has been summoned to submit the medical form for investigations to begin.


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