When often than not it may seem like an abandoned nation, and going down the slippery slope to ruin the country being the new tradition; the bitter truth is that Lesotho’s fate highly depends on the complete and utter dedication of each citizen, not as a collective but starting within an individual.

Mafole Sematlane, the highly extra ordinary senior citizen of Lesotho has worked as the Director of Independent Election Commission of Lesotho for quite a long time.  The founder of ‘Make Over’ Institution Building & Transformation Practitioners indicated on Wednesday 13th March that he had developed the ‘Sematlane’s Hierarchy of Dissension’ to transform Lesotho  beyond one’s normal sight in regard to the on-going reform process. Sematlane believes Lesotho sees no light due to the citizen’s inability to recognize the pivotal role each one plays in building a sustainable resilient economy.

With the support from the United States of American government through the US Embassy in Lesotho, Sematlane aims to travel all ten districts of the country hosting public seminars to disseminate information on the importance of self-awareness; for he believes it is the major stepping stone towards constituting more independent and responsible citizens.  During his first seminar held at the American Corner in Maseru, Sematlane went on to narrate that the on-going reform process requires each citizen’s dedication and less expectations from the government.

He believes it is high time Basotho stop dwelling in the turmoil of ‘selfish’ leaders as most perceive them, but rather finding ways to switch from the fearful to the productive thinking.  He cited Morena Moshoeshoe and Morena Mohlomi’s principles of building a strong nation as intellectual, perhaps not as practical.  He strongly proposes that the Lesotho Coat of Arms rather include ‘Love of work’, thereby reading as ‘Peace, Rain, Love of work, Prosperity.’

Mafole petitions the citizens to let go the sympathetic nervous system, which is focusing on the negatives than the positive opportunities. He wishes for a nation that is aware of each individual’s key role in the reform process as well as developing one’s country. He strongly believes the reforms begin from transforming one’s mind-set. In conclusion, he worries that majority of Basotho think from the consumer perspective that is why the country is idling so much; he implies that the ‘Sematlane Hierarchy of Dissension’ will promote individuality and strengthen citizens’ devotion towards developing the country.

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