About us


About Achiever Magazine

ACHIEVER Magazine is an edutainment publication aimed at the youth (be they at tertiary, high school, in the workplace and or at home), for them to become high-flying careerists. As the first publication of its kind in Lesotho, ACHIEVER aims at helping individual youngsters understand and unleash their potential from an early age thus, enabling them to turn their dreams into realities.

ACHIEVER creates a market for the career driven individuals as it offers internship programs that expose them to various industries. Besides targeting businesses to sell their products and services relevant to this market, this magazine is also targeted at selling educational institutions and youth related services and products to attract academics, youth leaders and innovative minds.

The magazine content is designed to inform, inspire, and also to create a platform for individuals to express themselves freely. Features include unearthing rare talent and profiling career paths of highfliers to inspire the youth community.

Other covered by the publication include education, career guidance, job creation, business and entrepreneurship, socio-economic aspects, politics, health, lifestyle and fashion to mention a few.

Modus operandi

The publication has been in circulation since 2012 publishing physical copy on a quarterly basis. However, due to today’s dynamics and the space within which the youth largely exist in which is the cyberspace, ACHIEVER has branched and established a presence online.  This is maintained chiefly in the form of a blog which is frequently populated with the relevant content in line with the publication’s vision, which is also supported by other cyberspace arenas such as social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram etc.